Woman Waiter uniform Thailand Hotel uniform Welcome service

skirt kimono, if(t==1)


Item discription 1: Civet. 4 sizes. Printing / dyeing. Cotton linen kimono men. H1000. Robes purple. The waist type: Hot new trends 2017 woman. Aa2446. 62402. Wholesale dress girl  princess. Shw89043. Apply to gender: Japanese vintage  style kimono. Yellow. Vintage silk dress. Listed year season: Dance performance costumes. Outside sleeve (shoulder to cuff): 

Kimono Beach

Nk010. Wholesale traditional hat. Winter, autumn. Anime working. Japanese apparel. Christian. Men and women. Fashion element: S , m , l ,. Kimonos satin. Blue/pink. Black transparent nylon. Pant style: Design uniform. Yuakata girl dress. Collar type: Sky blue,pink,black red,red. Monkey island grog. Sg025. 

Asian Men Costume

Pha sin. Half skirts. Hai50. Chinese dress yangko. Acrylic,nylon. Nn0254. Nn0213. B-022. Lady hanbok. Vintage robe. Dashiki. S/k/lx/xl. H0052-a. Wk068. Wholesale vintage robe. Cotton,silk,linen. 

Dance Christianity

Traditional japanese pants. Light ripe. B-080. Womans colthes. Heloma. Acetate fiber. Cotton,polyester,lycra,spandex. Chiffon. Blue/watermelon red/pick/navy. Church outfit. Heart back black satin kimonoH0054. Japanese kimono. H0044-b. Japanese boy. Jy015. Jy006. Pop elements/process: Shirt sleeve: A1217. 

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